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Rose mother tincture in the potentisation laboratory

Mother tinctures

Rhythmised, aqueous medicinal herb extracts. The basis of homeopathically potentised ingredients for WALA medicines

Mother tinctures are prepared by harvesting, sorting and cleansing parts of plants such as roots, leaves, stems, fruit or seeds by hand. After this, they are crushed finely and pounded into a pulp in a mortar. Mixed with water, the plants are then subjected to a rhythmic process that takes seven days altogether. Polarities such as light and darkness, movement and rest, warmth and cold take effect on the plants. The mother tincture is then left normally for a whole year before being potentised for use in the production of WALA medicines.

In the first potentising step, a WALA employee pours 1 ml of mother tincture into a reagent glass vessel with 9 ml of water
  Natures's Treasures Transformed for You