Eight Tips for Dealing with Runny Noses and Scratchy Throats

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December 2016

Eight Tips for Dealing with Runny Noses and Scratchy Throats

The really cold days are probably still to come. But while your children are looking forward to snowball fights and sledge rides, are you dreading the next wave of colds to hit your family? Then take preventive action. With these eight tips you can protect the whole family.

  • Keep your whole body warm, not just your feet. From an anthroposophic perspective, a well-regulated and stable body temperature is vital if the body is to function in a healthy way. A cold can be viewed as an impairment of body heat, the so-called warmth organism. So if, for example, external cold is able to penetrate so deeply into the nose and throat that it overwhelms the warmth organism, and the body’s own heat is no longer sufficient to protect the mucous membranes against the cold, it becomes easy for germs to gain entry. The result is an infection of the upper airways.
  • Air rooms briefly but regularly. This will humidify air dried by central heating and drive out germs.
  • Even if it’s hard: alternating warm and cold showers stimulate the body’s functions and make it more resilient.
  • While you sleep your immune system can regenerate and prepare to meet new challenges. While adults should sleep for six to eight hours, small children need eight to twelve hours and schoolchildren ten to twelve hours of sleep.
  • Diet: Drink copiously to keep the mucous membranes of the nose moist. This makes it harder for viruses to enter the body. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables that contain zinc and vitamin C. If you prefer to stick to local vegetables, the choices available in January will unfortunately be limited: they include lamb’s lettuce, kale, leeks and Brussels' sprouts. Other foods that help prevent colds are sweet peppers, pineapple, kiwi and cranberries. Tip for children: Cut fruit and vegetables up into handy pieces and give them adventurous-sounding names like “carrot ships” or “pepper swords”. Extra tip: Spicy foods cause the mucous membranes to run, banishing many an incipient cold.
  • Stress affects your immune system. So make sure you take enough time out. Tip for children: When reading children immerse themselves in a world of fantasy. They relax and ‘chill out’. Children who are reluctant to read themselves will love it if you read to them – and you will both find it relaxing.
  • Whether outdoor sports, at the gym or at home: exercise will get your immune system working. By the way: jogging is not recommended when temperatures fall below freezing. If exercise is not really your thing, just put on a bit of speed when going upstairs or do a little stretching while reading or watching television. Tip for children: Exercise is more fun if you have company. This can be parents or friends. If they are well wrapped up, playing in the snow or running around outside in the fresh air will help children ward off colds.
  • Saunas and increasingly warm footbaths both stimulate the warmth organism and help prevent colds.

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