Tip of the Month: WALA Avena comp. Globuli velati

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May 2011

Tip of the Month: WALA Avena comp. Globuli velati

Sometimes everything gets just too much. Life is disorganised and hectic. The result can be evening anxiety and difficulty falling asleep. WALA Avena comp., Globuli velati*, with their formulation of oats and soothing valerian as well as high homeopathic potencies of phosphorus and sulphur, help alleviate anxiety and make it easier to get to sleep. Rested and refreshed, you are all set to tackle the next day.

*Prescribing Information

WALA Avena comp., Globuli velati
Indications according to the anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature. These include: Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and evening anxiety states, particularly in cases of hypersensitivity and nervousness. Warning: Contains sucrose, lactose and gluten.

For information on risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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