WALA Heilmittel GmbH - Nature's treasures transformed for You

Focus on the environment

Visitors are often taken aback to see that the toilet bowls are flushed with slightly coloured water. A notice on the wall explains that this is actually rainwater collected in a cistern system on the large roof of the company building.

This is just one of many examples of WALA’s responsible use of natural resources, which is completely independent of revenue growth. Sometimes this can be seen in small details such as special sun protection blinds, which avoid a build-up of heat and reduce the strain on the air conditioning in the production rooms. Or the courses in environmentally friendly driving that are offered to all WALA employees, or the warehouse that is located so deep in the ground that the more or less constant ground temperature helps to keep the room cool. Outer air is used for cooling, waste heat from machines for heating: a sophisticated energy management system distributes recovered heat internally, thereby reducing energy consumption.

  Natures's Treasures Transformed for You