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May 2011

Frido the Frog Makes Cleaning Teeth Fun - Children Sensitive Orange Tooth Gel now comes with stickers that children will love

Parents occasionally need a few tricks to encourage children to clean their teeth. Luckily, Frido the Frog is on hand to help: WALA’s comical little frog now comes with colourful stickers of himself and his friends to make cleaning teeth a fun experience. The limited edition of Dr.Hauschka Med Children Sensitive Orange Tooth Gel with eight stickers now is on sale from specialist retailers.

Caring correctly for milk teeth is very important. Because the enamel of milk teeth is not completely mature, children’s teeth need special protection and thorough yet gentle cleansing. If young teeth and gums are cared for consistently and correctly during this sensitive phase, the foundations are laid for strong, healthy teeth in adulthood. This is why Dr.Hauschka Med has developed a medicinal care product which takes its power from nature – Children Sensitive Orange Tooth Gel. The gel has a great taste of sun-ripened oranges and – used regularly – removes dental plaque to prevent the onset of tooth decay.

Children Sensitive Orange Tooth Gel contains neither tensides nor alcohol and is free from synthetic chemical dyes, fragrances and preservatives. It does not contain fluoride. Rose and orange blossom, together with witch hazel water, help strengthen the lining of the oral cavity. Sea buckthorn berries help strengthen the gums. Children like the gel because it does not contain mint or menthol and always tastes fruity-fresh.

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